Monday, April 28, 2008

Last Day In San Miguel

It's my last day. (actuaally, tomorrow is, but it is all traveling). Grampa is out on a run and Gram is doing yoga. I am sad that it is my last day here, but I am going to enjoy it. I think we might be going to the hot springs and relax, and once we get home, pack.

It's to bad that I could not upload any more pictures to blogger, sorry mum, I tried (;. But you will see some pictures when I get home.

I am very happy that Gram and Gramps took me to have this experience here in Mexico. I have had a wonderfull time here, and once I am home, I go on another trip to Washington D.C! I will be very tired, but I love to travel.

Thanks again everybody, for looking at my blog!


Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Beauty of The Children.

Blogger is still having problems uploading photos. We tried, got lucky, but only got one picture on.

The kids are so cute!
We met this little one at the Pyramids. She was staring at us, I don't know if she was more interested in me or my ice cream. It is a lot diffrent than in the states. She told us she was 3 years old, that her mother was working and she didn't have a father, her grandmother was watching her, but she was not around, she was working in a store.

She was a very smart three year old, and very street smart. All the children are so beautiful and loveable.

I love there eyes, they are so pretty! She was sitting there in the corner and Grammy asked her if she wanted a picture, she ran right over. I still can't get over the children, they are all so beautiful and have great skin.

I am sorry again, bloggers pictures aren't uploading....but keep looking...I'll keep trying!!

ADIOS!---> Margarrita!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Adventures in Mexico

Bloggers pictures haven't been working, sorry I haven't been uploading pictures. As soon as blogger corrects the problem, I will post lots of photos.

Thursday night we went out to dinner to Ole Ole, a famous bull fighting restaurant with many bullfighting pictures and great mexican food. Afterwards, we went to the Jardin (the central plaza) which is the center of activity of the whole city.

Yesterday we went shopping and went out to lunch at San Augustine, a restaurant owned by a famous Argentina movie star named Margarita Gralia. It was very interesting with all of the pictures of her acting career on the wall. Unfortuantly she was not there so I don't have a picture with her, unlike my sister Brittany does. We came home and relaxed for the rest of the night.

Today was very fun! We woke up and took a drive to Guanajuato and there were many intersting sites, bigger churches and many colorfull houses! It was very fun and not such a long drive, only about one hour. We had a great dinner tonight too! We are just relaxing and sitting here, with a great breeze (: and at night we can step out onto the porch and watch an amazing sunset.

So far, the weather has been perfect, no bugs at night and no rain. I will try again to upload pictures, sorry.

Adios Amigos--->Margarita

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Sun and Moon...

Today we went to the Pyramids. It was an amazing thing to see! There were a bunch of little ones but two big ones called the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon. You can see the Pyramid of the Sun in the backround of the first picture, to the right, and on the left behind Grandpa is the Pyramid of the Moon.Teotihuacan means "place were gods were born" reflecting the Aztec belief that the gods created the Universe here. It is the largest archaeological city ever to exist on the American continents. It's history is said to have begun around 600 B.C, and arose as a religious center in Mexican Highland around the time of Christ. But, to this day, nobody knows how the pyramids even got here.

Ancient Teotihuacan is the second largest pyramid in the world, the pyramids of Egypt is the only larger one. The Pyramid of the Sun is 746 feet wide and 213 feet high. We climbed all the stairs... all 248 steep stairs. Those little white dots in the background are people...which shows how high we were climbing.

Here is me and grampa at the top of the Pyramid of the Sun. There was an amazing view... I will post more about our trip to the Pyramids tommorrow.

Adios Amigos!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My second day here!

This is my walkway into the house. I like it, when you are walking up the stair way, you are still outside. I really like the pretty flowers too.

This is the dining room...

DOWNTOWN! We took a walk down town last night! Me and Gram went to go take a look at the church. Once we were done, we sat down and listend to the Mariachis play some music, they were cool to listen too!

Even when we got home we could here them singing and playing music. I love it here and to see a new culture is very interesting! Everyone just sits around and listens to them play, all ages.

This is the Church that I can see all the way from my house. It looks its best at night but it is still gorgeous during the day. Its hard to believe that one un-educated indian drew this in the sand about 300 years ago. Mexico is a very fascinating place to visit!

Adios Amigos, Margarita

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I arrived late last night and once I finally got into my "favorite house" I realized how much I loved it here. I have my own bedroom with a private bathroom.

I also have my own private balcony with an amazing view of the whole town of San Miguel De Allende.

My balcony also overlooks a beutifull garden.

Every Tuesday a huge outdoor market comes to town. I could not believe it when Grammy and Gramps told me that they set up in the morning and are gone by night, its huge! There was also a ton of people there. You can buy clothing, food, tools, jewlery, basiclly anything!

All of the food at the market looked so good. Me and Grandpa split a fried whole fish, the only thing left was the head and bones (: Another thing I liked to do was look at all the Mexican people cook the food.

There are so many flowers here! They are so cheap that people are buying them all the time. I even had a fresh bouquet in my room when I got here.

The hot springs were my favorite part. There were three diffrent pools, a cooler one, a warm one and a hot one. At the first pool we stayed for about 10 minutes and then went to the second pool. There was a tunnel that lead to the third pool which is in a cave and it was really steamy. Me and Grammy went under the waterfall that funnels in all the fresh water from underground.

After we got out and read and tanned, we grabbed something to eat. The icecream was so good! It was very diffrent from icecream in America though, it had more ice, I liked it alot! We were very relaxed from all the mineral in the water and sat around for a little while, Grandpa even fell asleep!

My first day was great and I can't wait to see how the rest of my trip is!

Adios Amigos! ---> Margarita